13 december 2008

The Ultimate Robot List

My Robot top 10 in movie world.

  1. Maria
    Metropolis, 1927
    In Fritz Lang's classic silent film, the robot Maria incites a full-scale rebellion in a futuristic dystopian world.

  2. Gunslinger
    Westworld, 1973
    The androids at this theme park are programmed to service the fantasies of paying customers. Everything is fine until a computer failure leads some of the robots, like the cowboy played by Yul Brynner, above, to start killing the guests.

  3. C-3P0 and R2-D2
    Star Wars Episodes I-VI, 1977 - 2005
    After six films, the robots from the Star Wars movies have become global icons. But fan boys want to know: will they ever consummate their love for each other?

  4. Terminator
    Terminator, 1984
    Played for most of the film by California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator's scary endoskeleton — and true robotic nature — are revealed by a fiery explosion in the movie's climactic final sequence.

  5. Robocop
    Robocop 1, 2 & 3, 1987 - 1993
    Cop Alex Murphy, played by Peter Weller, is shot, tortured and murdered ... sort of. Scientists rebuild his brain and face, still technically alive, into a robotic suit. Once transformed, Murphy hunts down the gang who offed him and spawns an uber-violent cinematic franchise.

  6. Data
    Star Trek, The Next Generation series, 1994 - 2002
    sentient android whose positronic brain allows him impressive computational capabilities, Data is perpetually flummoxed by human behavior and emotions. Just like the rest of us.

  7. NS-5
    I, Robot, 2004
    In this movie, based on the novel from Isaac Asimov, Will Smith plays a detective with a strong anti-robot bias who hunts for a killer-robot in the Chicago of the future. He begins to suspect that a murder he is investigating was carried out by one of a new line of robots, the Nestor Class 5.

  8. Marvin the Paranoid Android
    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 2005
    Very depressed, a little too smart for his own good, Marvin claims to be 30 billion times more intelligent than a live mattress.

  9. Optimus Prime
    Transformers, 2007
    The leader of a pack of robots battling the Decepticons, (another, more evil class of robots) Optimus takes it upon himself to protect the planet Earth and kick some metal ass in the meantime.

  10. WALL-E
    WALL-E, 2008
    Cute, industrious and blessed with a hot robotic girlfriend, WALL-E must clean up the completely polluted and abandoned Earth.

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